3D Streaming & Education

A New Dimension in Surgical Education

"TrueVision 3D integrated within the surgical microscope provides unparalleled 3D visualization of microsurgical operations and surgical anatomy for the OR team as well as surgical assistants and observers, while using the same footprint as the microscope itself. It represents a major advance in 3D neurosurgical education and avoids the inconvenience and OR clutter of setting up a separate 3D visualization solution."
Kevin Foley, M.D., Professor of Neurosurgery

During surgery, assistants, nurses and students share the same 3D view as the surgeon. Three-dimensional visualization of anatomical structures improves understanding of complex cases and increases knowledge retention. Teaching or presenting in 3D is more engaging for the audience, and will raise the caliber of your teaching program.

TrueVision is a World Leader Educating Neurosurgeons

Training surgeons the Old Way One at a time

TrueVision 3D Visualization – 3D IMAX for the OR

TrueVision – Teach and train in groups with exactly what the surgeon sees

Enhance your teaching program

  • Proven standard for 3D education

  • Operating room staff and students see what the surgeon sees

  • Teaching programs differentiated by 3D technology

  • Increase retention and learning*

Record hundreds of hours of 3D video at the touch of a button during procedures

Save time with easy video editing using TrueEdit®

“TrueVision in combination with the Leica M720 OH5 microscope provides unparalleled 3D visualization of microsurgical operations and surgical anatomy. It represents a major advance in neurosurgical education.”

Gary K. Steinberg, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Neurosurgery and the Neurosciences Director, Stanford Institute for Neuro-Innovation and Translational Neurosciences Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery Stanford University School of Medicine

*2010 Texas Instruments educational study