TrueFusion & IGS

TrueVision was founded on the core belief that the future of microsurgery is digital rather than optical. TrueVision and its partners have addressed unmet surgeon needs in neurosurgery with products for visualization and beyond incorporating Image-guided surgical navigation with augmented reality and robotic applications.

TrueFusion is the convergence of image-guided surgery, Heads-up Surgery® and data fusion. TrueFusion supplements the live view of a surgical site during a medical procedure with a blended overlay of pre-operative, peri-operative, or intra-operative imaging such as CT, MRI, or other volumetric information. The overlay will be registered and aligned through the use of an existing image guidance system, such as the Brainlab Curve or Medtronic Stealth.

Visualizing volumetric patient scans during the procedure is typically achieved by the surgeon disengaging from the microscope and viewing a separate device displaying the data while mentally retaining an estimated correlation of that data view and the live view.

Neurosurgery Imaging Convergence

  • 3D visualization and guidance system
  • Multimodal image fusion of CT/MRI
  • Image Guided Surgery integration with Medtronic and Brainlab
  • Measurements

Fusion of live 3D Heads-up Surgery® with IGS, intra-operative measurements, and fluorescence

Digital integration of the microscope to OR suite

TrueFusion – Computer Guided Surgery

  • Merge, register and track preoperative data from neuro-navigation
  • Overlay, register and track DICOM data onto live surgical
  • Integrate image guidance into real-time live 3D view
  • Visualize important anatomical structures before they are in view
TrueFusion is not a cleared device by the FDA and not available for commercial sale.