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TrueVision Systems Announces a 3D Vision System For Microscopes
TrueVision® is First Digital Vision System for Microsurgery
That is Both 3D and High-Definition in Real-Time
CHICAGO (October 9, 2006) — TrueVision Systems introduced the TrueVision® Microsurgery Teaching System at the 2006 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting in Chicago. TrueVision converts the optical 3D image viewed through the microscope to a digital 3D image displayed on a projection screen or monitor in realtime. With TrueVision, for the first time, multiple users can now view what traditionally only one person could see through the microscope eyepieces in both 3D and highdefinition.

TrueVision can be used for any application where a stereomicroscope is used including microsurgery. The TrueVision Microsurgery Teaching System is ideal for medical schools and teaching hospitals. With TrueVision, everyone is able to see the same 3D image as if they were looking into the microscope. TrueVision has been used successfully in surgical procedures where the surgeons never used eyepieces offering more comfort and less fatigue to the surgeon.

'TrueVision will revolutionize the way microsurgery is performed and taught', said Forrest Fleming, TrueVision CEO. “The initial response by surgeons has been phenomenal. They immediately see how it can benefit them in many of their surgical procedures.”

The TrueVision Microsurgery Teaching System consists of a plug and play, portable, ergonomic cart with everything needed to transport and run TrueVision. It integrates a large screen rear projection system and all the TrueVision components with a workstation on wheels ideal for easy placement in an operating room, classroom or lab. It can be retrofitted to your existing stereomicroscope by replacing the eyepiece module with the TrueVision Image Capture Module.

TrueVision features modern digital imaging capabilities allowing users to integrate 3D images from the microscope with other medical digital image sources such as CT and MRI data. It features the ability to save and retrieve images at the touch of a button for record keeping, documentation, and sharing without giving up the resolution, color, and stereo depth found in the original optical image.

About TrueVision Systems
TrueVision Systems is a privately held technology company located in Santa Barbara, California, that developed the patent-pending TrueVision® system. TrueVision is the first digital, 3D, high-definition, real-time vision system for microscopes. For sales and other information please contact the company.

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