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TrueVision on Stereoscopic 3-D Panel At SIGGRAPH
Company Founder Presents Stereoscopic 3D Applications In Microsurgery

SANTA BARBARA (September 15, 2008) — Michael Weissman, PhD., of TrueVision Systems, joined a panel of 3D experts at SIGGRAPH this week to discuss emerging stereoscopic applications in science, medicine and industry.  Michael Weissman, Ph.D., founder and chief technical officer of TrueVision Systems, Inc., of Santa Barbara, participated as a panelist and speaker in the session "3D for Science and Research: From Inner to Outer Space".   Dr. Weissman's presentation, titled "3D HD Vision for Microsurgery", explained how the TrueVision® product is impacting 3D HD visualization in microsurgery for clinical applications and teaching.

TrueVision also provided 3D HD surgical content during the presentation. The real-time video included a number of surgical procedures including ear surgery, resection of a brain tumor, an aneurism, a corneal transplant and a cataract surgery.

The Stereoscopic 3D: Research, Applications, and Entertainment program of the week long SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles was held August 11 and 12, 2008. SIGGRAPH brought together an estimated 30,000 computer graphics and interactive technology professionals to focus on research, science, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education and the web.

"Our mission this year at SIGGRAPH was to cover a broad range of topics in stereoscopic 3D and we were delighted that TrueVision could give us a glimpse of how 3D is being used in the field of medicine." said Rob Engle, SIGGRAPH Stereoscopic Chair for the Computer Animation Festival.  "The imagery was so compelling that it was very clear to all attendees that viewing surgical procedures in stereo makes for a powerful diagnostic and training tool."

"I am very honored to be invited to speak and participate in such a prestigious event," noted Dr. Weissman, TrueVision founder and Chief Technology Officer. "The 3D program was very well received by the audience and over 300 people viewed our live action 3D HD surgical video content."
TrueVision® is an intelligent 3D HD vision system for microsurgery that enables surgeons to perform surgery by looking at a heads-up display instead of looking into the oculars of a microscope. The patented, real-time, display and video system is often described as IMAX for the operating room and provides the ability to record, edit and playback 3D HD operative content. The 3D HD video playback enables viewers to see a surgery as if they were in the operating room performing the surgery themselves.

Michael Weissman, PhD., is a technical visionary with over 36 years of R&D experience.  As one of the world's leading stereoscopic experts, Dr Weissman is guiding the company's advanced development projects.  Dr Weissman has been developing 3D stereoscopic video systems for 20 years.  Prior to founding TrueVision, he was a member of the engineering team at Karl Storz Imaging that developed that company's 3D endoscope. Dr. Weissman is a member of the program committee for the Stereoscopic Applications Conference of the SPIE.  He earned his undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins and his PhD at the University of Chicago and performed post-doctoral research at Imperial College, London.

TrueVision Systems Inc. is a medical device company focused on improved patient outcomes and efficiencies through better visualization during microsurgery. TrueVision has developed and patented an intelligent, real-time 3D HD vision platform for microscopes. The company is developing a suite of specific software applications that uniquely facilitate the integration and management of imaging modalities widely used in microsurgery.

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