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Cataract Surgery Goes 3D Hi-Def:
Premier Eye First in State to Adopt 3H HD Visualization for Cataract Surgery and Teaching

Harrisburg (October 29, 2008) — Cataracts reduce the vision of millions of people across the world. Over three million (and growing) cataract surgeries are performed each year in the United States. Thousands of cataract surgeries are performed right here in the Harrisburg area annually.

A cataract is an opacity or cloudiness of the natural crystalline lens of the eye. Surgical removal of the lens may be necessary if visual loss becomes significant. The cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial lens, called an implant, at the time of surgery.

Modern cataract surgery is only 50 years old. During World War Two, while working with the Royal Air Force, Sir Harold Ridley noticed splinters of Perspex (methylmethacrylate) from the cockpit canopies of downed flyers, became lodged in the eyes of wounded pilots. He further noted these plastic splinters did not trigger inflammation. This accidental discovery led to the first artificial lenses implanted into the eye to correct cataracts.

'Today, the lenses, procedures and technology used in cataract surgery provide patients with far better outcomes than in the past. Now, we have implants that can help the patient see near, intermediate, and far distances, virtually eliminating the need for corrective glasses after cataract surgery." said Jane Barton, MD, a leading cataract surgeon and the first to adopt TrueVision 3D-HD vision imaging system for cataract surgery as a standard of care. 'TrueVision provides a vastly improved 3D view of a surgical procedure in high-definition. 3D-HD technology not only allows observers to view the surgical field in 3D, but also can be used by the surgeon to operate heads-up instead of being glued to the oculars of the microscope."

Premier Eye Care Group is the first and only surgery center in Pennsylvania (and one of the first in the United States for cataract surgery) to have a 3D HD vision system in each of its operating rooms. TrueVision is a, real-time, 3D HD video camera and display system for microscopes often described as IMAX for the operating room.

'The system allows me to operate from looking at the screen instead of looking into the microscope eyepieces," said Dr. Barton. 'I can operate more comfortably and my operating room staff can see what I see giving them an advantage to anticipate my needs during surgery.  With these benefits patients are ultimately the winners."

On October 1, led by Jane Barton, MD and Geoffrey J. Brent, MD of Premier Eye Care Group and in conjunction with Pennsylvania Retinal Specialists presented a 'Refractive Update" at the annual OD Seminar in Harrisburg. This event premiered 3D high-definition surgical video of a Visian ICL advanced vision correction procedure (for treatment of myopia) displayed on a large screen to nearly 100 optometrists and technicians.  The inaugural 3D program was used to instruct the viewers on the details of the procedure, especially due to the ability to see depth in the eye's anatomy that until now is only seen in operating rooms.

"The TrueVision 3D added a completely new perspective to the presentation," said  John J. O'Donnell, OD an optometrist with Premier Eye Care Group for over 15 years. 'It provided the doctors with a view of the surgical procedure that would not have been otherwise possible unless they were looking through the operating microscope itself."

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About TrueVision

TrueVision Systems Inc. is a medical device company focused on improved patient outcomes and efficiencies through better visualization during microsurgery. TrueVision has developed and patented a digital, real-time 3D HD vision platform.

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