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Debut of TrueVision 3D Educational Video at American Academy of Ophthalmology

Santa Barbara, CA (October 30, 2008) — TrueVision Systems announced today the debut of TrueVision 3D HD video as part of the educational program of the 2008 American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) in Atlanta, Georgia.  For the first time at the annual meeting, leading ophthalmic surgeons will show TrueVision 3D HD educational video content in sessions; "Microincision Cataract Surgery" Monday, November 10, 03:15 PM - 05:30 PM with Mark Packer, MD and "Learning Phaco Chop: Pearls and Pitfalls" Tuesday, November 11, 10:15 AM - 12:30 PM with David F. Chang, MD.

Additionally, in collaboration with leading surgeons, TrueVision will be presenting interesting surgical cases and advanced techniques at the AAO exhibition in Booth #2811.  TrueVision has an immediate impact on improving the ability to communicate microsurgical concepts and procedures for surgeons, patients, and medical device manufacturers.

"Attendees, donning stereo glasses, will view high-definition 3D clarity of both horizontal and vertical phaco chop techniques." said Dr. Chang.  "This is made possible by using TrueVision video technology to record surgery in my OR and to play back at this AAO instruction course. Just like at 3D IMAX movies, attendees will wear the special glasses to view 3D phaco chop videos during the course. Since the biggest challenge with this technique is learning how deeply to position the chopper and phaco tip, I believe that these 3D videos will provide the best learning experience we have ever had for our course."
TrueVision has been used as both the primary and secondary visualization for ophthalmic procedures that include cataract, refractive, cornea, and strabismus surgeries. No matter the approach or the procedure, the system provides ergonomic benefits of a heads-up display to alleviate fatigue while providing perfect visualization of the operative field.

TrueVision® is an intelligent 3D HD vision system for microsurgery that enables surgeons to perform surgery by looking at a heads-up display instead of looking into the oculars of a microscope. The patented, real-time display and video system is often described as "completely immersive" and provides the ability to record, edit and playback 3D HD operative content. The 3D HD video playback enables viewers to see a surgery as if they were in the operating room performing the surgery themselves.
TrueVision Systems Inc. is a medical device company focused on improved patient outcomes and efficiencies through better visualization during microsurgery. TrueVision has developed and patented an intelligent, real-time 3D HD vision platform for microscopes. The company is developing a suite of specific software applications that uniquely facilitate the integration and management of imaging modalities widely used in microsurgery.

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