Cataract Surgery Goes 3D Hi-Def in Arkansas

BoozmanHof Eye Center First Surgery Center in Arkansas
To Adopt TrueVision® 3D Visualization for Refractive Cataract Surgery

Rogers, ARKANSAS (August 20, 2010) — The BoozmanHof Eye Surgery and Laser Center has adopted TrueVision® 3D surgical visualization as an advanced, new technology for refractive cataract surgery, according to the center's Dr. Steven Vold, who is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and specializes in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma and cataracts. TrueVision® is a real-time, stereoscopic, 3D high-definition visualization system for microsurgery that attaches to microscopes to display the surgical field of view in real-time on 3D flat panel displays in the operating room.

Cataracts reduce the vision of millions of people across the world. Over 3 million (and growing) cataract surgeries are performed each year in the United States. Thousands of cataract surgeries are performed in the Northwestern Arkansas area annually.

A cataract is an opacity or cloudiness of the natural crystalline lens of the eye. Surgical removal of the lens may be necessary if visual loss becomes significant. The cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial lens, called an implant, at the time of surgery.

Modern cataract surgery is only 50 years old. During World War II, while working with the Royal Air Force, Sir Harold Ridley noticed splinters of Perspex (methylmethacrylate) from the cockpit canopies of downed flyers, became lodged in the eyes of wounded pilots. He further noted these plastic splinters did not trigger inflammation. This accidental discovery led to the first artificial lenses implanted into the eye to correct cataracts.

Steven Vold, MD a leading refractive cataract surgeon led the initiative to equip the primary operating suite at the Rogers surgery center with the state-of-the-art 3D surgical visualization for day-to-day surgery. The system is also used for recording 3D surgical video for educational purposes and presenting on-demand and streaming 3D surgical video content.

"Today, the lenses, procedures and technology used in cataract surgery can provide patients with far better outcomes than in the past. We use TrueVision 3D for implants that can help the patient see near, intermediate, and far distances, virtually eliminating the need for corrective glasses after cataract surgery." said Steven Vold, MD, a leading Northwest Arkansas cataract surgeon. "TrueVision provides a vastly improved 3D view of a surgical procedure in high-definition. I can operate more comfortably and my operating room staff can see what I see, which gives them an advantage to anticipate my needs during surgery. With these benefits patients are ultimately the winners."

TrueVision® allows surgeons to perform and record surgery in 3D via a heads-up 1080p display instead of looking through the microscope. Surgeons and operating room staff have the same 3D view on flat panel displays that previously only the primary surgeon could observe through the microscope. Through the use of 3D video, TrueVision® is ideal for education because it allows patients and their families to see the surgery options in a meaningful way.

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About TrueVision® 3D Surgical
TrueVision® 3D Surgical is the leader in digital 3D visualization for microsurgery. Based in Santa Barbara, Calif., TrueVision has developed and patented an intelligent, real-time, 3D surgical visualization platform. The company is developing a suite of 3D guidance applications for microsurgery that is expected to assist surgeons and positively impact patient outcomes. Visit for more information.

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