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TrueVision Introduces TrueVideo™ 3D HD Video Recording and Playback of Microsurgical Procedures

At the touch of a button, surgeons can easily record, edit, and present microsurgical procedures in 3D and High-definition

SAN DIEGO (September 17, 2007) - TrueVision Systems introduced TrueVideo™, a 3D HD video recording and playback module for the TrueVision® 3D HD vision system today at the 2007 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting.

TrueVision® is a patented, real-time, 3D HD vision system for microsurgery. By replacing the eyepiece module on a surgical microscope with the TrueVision® Image Capture Module, the stereoscopic optical image of the microscope is converted to a digital 3D HD image, called TrueView™, and is displayed on a projection screen or monitor. Both surgeons and operating room staff can view and collaborate on what traditionally only one person at a time could observe through the microscope's binoculars.

With the addition of TrueVideo™, surgeons are able to record, edit, and playback critical microsurgery procedures in 3D HD at the touch of a button. Ideal for teaching and presentations, the TrueVision® system allows surgeons to document new approaches and procedures in a way never before possible. TrueVideo™ recording module can record more than two hours of uncompressed content.

TrueView™ delivers over twice the depth of field compared to the microscope view and three times the resolution of standard definition, enabling surgeons to successfully perform "heads-up" microsurgery without looking into the microscope's eyepieces. The 3D HD video recording accurately captures the surgical view. One touch playback replays video of the TrueView™ in full 3D HD clarity on the TrueVision® Image Display System.

TrueVideo™ is plug and play:


Playback using 3D HD TrueVision Image Display System options:

"I use TrueVision in the OR and find TrueVideo to be an ideal feature for capturing operative content. It is easy to record and playback procedures and the image is as clear as when it was recorded." stated Saleem I. Abdulrauf, MD, FACS Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery Director, Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery Program, Saint Louis University School of Medicine. "I use it to present procedures at meetings and for teaching."

"TrueVision® is revolutionizing how surgeons communicate and collaborate by the ability to record new, difficult or critical procedures in unsurpassed clarity and depth." said Forrest Fleming, TrueVision Systems CEO. "Surgeons can very easily present their work outside the operating room in 3D HD for teaching or at meetings using one of the TrueVision® Image Display Systems".

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TrueVision Systems is pioneering the use of its patented 3D, high-definition digital imaging by transforming stereomicroscopy in surgical and educational settings to provide better patient outcomes and surgical efficiencies. TrueVision® is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device. For sales, licensing, and other information please contact the company.

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