Leica Microsystems and TrueVision® 3D Surgical create the first 3D digital hybrid microscope

New Platform is Designed for Intelligent 3D Guidance within Neurosurgery

Santa Barbara, Ca, USA (October 5, 2012) – TrueVision® 3D Surgical announced key components of the TrueVision® 3D intelligent digital visualization and guidance platform have been integrated into select models of Leica Microsystems surgical microscopes under the Leica brand.

LeicaBy combining world-class Leica optics with state of the art TrueVision digital stereoscopic imaging, the two companies have combined to debut a new class of surgical stereo microscope. TrueVision is presenting the integrated hybrid Leica/TrueVision 3D microscope system at the 2012 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting in Chicago, October 7-10, 2012, Booth #1531. It is the launch of a collaboration which is expected to establish integrated 3D visualization and guidance as the standard of care in microsurgery. On Monday October 8, 9:30am, Burton Tripathi, PhD is presenting "Leica/TrueVision 3D Surgical Innovations and Integration" at the Technology Spotlight on the exhibit floor theater.

Flagg Flanagan, a consultant to Leica Microsystems and a member of the TrueVision Board of Directors states, "Digital 3D visualization eliminates the boundaries of the current optical mechanical paradigm in surgical microscopy. It is the next logical step in providing further intelligence to the Patient Care Continuum and NeuroSurgical Workflow. Leica and TrueVision have set a new direction and leave a trail for others to follow."

"The creation of a digital-hybrid 3D visualization system for microsurgery advances a 50 year optical paradigm," says Dr. Kevin Foley, Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center and Methodist University Hospital, Memphis TN. "Digital guidance applications, including TrueVision's groundbreaking image fusion technology, are made possible by this Leica-TrueVision advance in 3D digital visualization.  These innovations suggest visualization and guidance can be integrated within the real time surgical view in a single device.  This will likely improve the utility of traditional image guidance in neurosurgery, including cranial and spinal procedures."

The digital 3D TrueVision system is completely integrated into the Leica M720 OH5 and M525 OH4 microscopes with a patented 10 megapixel HD 3D camera in the optics carrier, 64-bit image processing unit contained within the chassis, and 32-inch passive stereo LED based LCD display with articulating arm mounted on the microscope base. The 3D enabled surgical microscopes are capable of displaying the surgical field of view with 3D guidance and pre-operative radiology imaging on 3D displays in the operating room.

Features include:

Leica Microsystems is a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments. Founded as a family business in the nineteenth century, the company's history was marked by unparalleled innovation on its way to becoming a global enterprise. Its historically close cooperation with the scientific community is the key to Leica Microsystems' tradition of innovation, which draws on users' ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements. At the global level, Leica Microsystems is organized in three divisions, all of which are among the leaders in their respective fields: the Life Science Division, Industry Division and Medical Division. The company is represented in over 100 countries with 6 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries, sales and service organizations in 20 countries, and an international network of dealers. The company is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.

TrueVision® 3D Surgical is the world leader in digital 3D visualization and guidance for microsurgery. Santa Barbara, California-based TrueVision® has developed and patented an intelligent, real-time, 3D surgical visualization and computer-aided guidance platform. The system enables surgeons to record surgery in 3D and to stream live video of the surgical field, making it an unparalleled teaching tool. The company is focused on developing a suite of 3D guidance applications for microsurgery to improve surgical efficiencies and patient outcomes. The system is in use at hundreds of hospitals and institutions around the world.

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Robert Reali
TrueVision 3D Surgical, Inc.