TrueVision Announces TrueGuide™ Computer‐Guided Surgery System for Cataract Surgery

Provides real‐time guidance for astigmatism correction and advanced lens placement during surgery

Santa Barbara, CA, USA (November 12, 2013) – TrueVision® 3D Surgical, the world's leader in 3D visualization and guidance applications for microsurgery, announced the release of the TrueGuide™ Computer‐Guided Surgery system. TrueGuide™ provides digital guidance for astigmatism correction and advanced lens placement during cataract surgery. TrueVision will present TrueGuide™ at the 117th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, November 16‐19, 2013, Booth 4512 and Booth 2516.

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed procedure in the world. In the US alone nearly three million procedures are performed each year. Of those three million procedures, over 70% of patients will have astigmatism greater than 0.5 diopters, which can require the use of corrective eyewear post‐operatively when left untreated.

Astigmatism can be corrected during cataract surgery using different methods, including the use of toric lens implants and/or performing corrective incisions in the eye (AK/LRIs). The efficacy of these options is directly related to alignment and placement.

TrueGuide is the first and only computer‐guided surgery system with Dynamic Optimization, which matches patient conditions to available treatment options specific to surgeon parameters and tendencies in real‐time during surgery. This guidance assists surgeons in targeting the lowest residual astigmatism based on multiple variables with toric IOL alignment, limbal relaxing incision, incision placement and intraocular lens centration.

TrueGuide integrates with multiple diagnostic devices through the TrueCapture™ software for accurate pre‐operative analysis and surgical planning. TrueGuide software will bring optimal patient efficiency to cataract surgical practices, as well as provide precise data for use in the TrueVision® computer‐guidance surgical applications.

"We see TrueGuide as a key component of premium practices wishing to offer state of the art capabilities to their patients seeking cataract surgery, along with the near‐term potential to integrate with new and existing complementary surgery technologies," said Forrest Fleming, CEO of TrueVision. "Compatibility with any surgical microscope is a key aspect of this broad appeal."

"I am an early adopter of TrueGuide computer guidance for my practice," states Jonathon D. Solomon, MD, of Solomon Eye Physicians & Surgeons. "I use TrueGuide for centration of multifocal lenses and toric lens alignment. The preliminary results are outstanding and I am excited to use TrueGuide as a standard of care for my practice."

"I've been working with TrueVision since it was only a heads‐up 3D visualization system. They were also the first to introduce computer‐guided surgery to the market," says James A. Katz, MD, of The Midwest Center for Sight. "TrueVision is the pioneer of computer‐guided ophthalmic surgery and the new features and capabilities of TrueGuide bring more precision to many key steps of advanced cataract surgery."

TrueGuide Features

  • Accurate Diagnostics
    • Integration with the i‐Optics Cassini diagnostic device
    • TrueCapture™ software suggests treatment and IOL choice
  • Advanced Data Flow
    • TrueGuide™ preoperative and intraoperative software link
    • Seamless transfer of patient data and surgical planning
  • Dynamic Optimization
    • Software engine provides real‐time calculations
    • Links primary incision location and IOL positioning
    • Drives lowest residual astigmatism based upon multiple variables
  • Precision Surgical Guidance
      • Surgical templates powered by TrueVision® Smart 3D
      • Customized individual surgeon profiles
      • Auto‐registration and eye tracking
  • Clinical Outcomes Analysis
    • Postoperative diagnostics with Cassini to drive nomogram analysis
    • CE Mark and FDA clearance

TrueGuide software is a component of the FDA‐cleared and CE‐marked TrueVision® 3D Visualization and Guidance System.

About TrueVision® 3D Surgical
TrueVision® 3D Surgical is the world leader in digital 3D visualization and guidance for microsurgery. Santa Barbara, California‐based TrueVision® has developed and patented an intelligent, real‐time, 3D surgical visualization and computer guidance platform. The system enables surgeons to record surgery in 3D and to stream live video of the surgical field, making it an unparalleled teaching tool. The company is focused on developing a suite of 3D guidance applications for microsurgery to improve surgical efficiencies and patient outcomes. The system is in use at hundreds of hospitals and institutions around the world.

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