TrueVision® 3D Surgical's System Used in Award Winning Video at Ophthalmic Film Festival

SANTA BARBARA, CA – JUNE 25, 2014 --- TrueVision® 3D Surgical, the world leader in 3D visualization and guidance announced today that its high definition microsurgery visualization system provided the technical foundation to record and edit Dr. John Hovanesian's award winning film "Pterygium Surgery Pearls."

The teaching video won "Best In-House Production" at the recent 2014 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Film Festival. The video accompanies Dr. Hovanesian's "Pterygium: 3 Techniques" video, which is focused on comparing three useful approaches to surgery.

Dr. John Hovanesian, a specialist in refractive surgery, cataracts, and corneal work at Harvard Eye Associates in Laguna Hills, CA produced the educational film to provide an in-depth explanation of surgical tips and best practices in the pterygium realm.

"Because high image quality is crucial to effective learning, we used TrueVision's high definition 3D camera and proprietary software to record the procedure," said Hovanesian. "I've used other recording and editing products and haven't seen anything close to this kind of quality and editing ability."

Dr. Hovanesian, a respected medical author continued, "I recorded in 3D, edited with TrueEdit and with very little effort rendered to 2D to meet film festival regulations. The system is that easy to use and the high quality is constant in 2D and 3D."

"We're thrilled with Dr. Hovanesian's success at the film festival," said Forrest Fleming, TrueVision 3D Surgical's CEO. "Our proprietary combination of TrueEdit software and our high-definition 3D camera create a winning combination that allows the medical world to see the talent of remarkable surgeons. We're honored to be in the company of this group of masters."

The TrueVision 3D Surgical visualization system displays not only surgeries in real-time, but also calibrates and records data into an editable format appropriate for creating clear, life- like video that can be used for pre-doctoral education, post-doctoral CME and other playback needs.

About TrueVision® 3D Surgical:
TrueVision® 3D Surgical is the world leader in digital 3D visualization and guidance for microsurgery. Santa Barbara, California-based TrueVision® has developed and patented an intelligent, real-time, 3D surgical visualization and computer guidance platform. The system enables surgeons to record surgery in 3D and to stream live video of the surgical field, making it an unparalleled teaching tool. The company is focused on developing a suite of 3D guidance applications for microsurgery to improve surgical efficiencies and patient outcomes. The system is in use at hundreds of hospitals and institutions around the world.

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