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TrueVision Systems Releases Next Generation 3D Image Capture Module and Operating System
Advanced Image Quality Enhances Microsurgery Procedures
SANTA BARBARA (July 15, 2008) - TrueVision Systems, Inc. released its next generation of the patented 3D Image Capture Module (ICM) and TrueWare™ OS 6.0 3D operating system software, which together offer improved image quality with greater system control and an enhanced surgical experience.  The TrueVision® product is revolutionary, real-time, 3D HD vision system used for microsurgery.     

The new Image Capture Module, ICM2, is approximately 60% smaller than the original ICM, includes a more powerful processor, upgraded sensors, and is compatible with a greater number of microscopes.  It is designed to fit most surgical microscopes, including Zeiss, Leica, Moeller, Topcon and Olympus. Image resolution is increased by 42% to 1280x1024 pixels offering higher image quality and the option to choose between a variety of different image window sizes.  

The Image Capture Module replaces the eyepiece module of surgical microscopes and converts the optical image to a digital video stream which is fed to a 3D 1080p display system in real-time via the TrueVision Image Processing Unit (IPU). In total, the camera processes nearly two gigabits per second providing live video at 60 frames per second for each eye and recorded video at 30 frames per second for each eye. The proprietary electronics design stitch together two high-definition views into a single synchronized stereo data stream with  real-time surgical precision.

TrueWare OS 6.0, the software that manages TrueVision Systems' innovative 3D HD imaging platform, is an extension of the previous operating system, featuring improvements in modular display support, menu navigation, failure mode handling and expanded codec compatibility.  With release 6.0, the TrueVision digital platform offers plug-and-play support for new flat panel, high-resolution 3D displays including DLP® rear-projection TVs, 19 to 24 inch LCD monitors, and 1080p multimedia projectors. 

About TrueVision Systems
TrueVision Systems Inc. ( is a medical device company focused on improved patient outcomes and efficiencies through better visualization during microsurgery.  TrueVision has developed and patented a digital, real-time 3DHD vision platform along with a suite of specific software applications that uniquely facilitates the enhancements integration, and management of disparate imaging modalities widely used in surgery.

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