TrueVision: Transforming Refractive Cataract Surgery

TrueVision was founded on the core belief that the future of microsurgery is digital rather than optical.  In creating the Digital Microscope Platform®, TrueVision has addressed unmet surgeon needs in glaucoma, refractive cataract, and general ophthalmic surgery.

TrueVision® 3D Digital Technology
Augmented Reality Platform; Heads-Up Surgery® with Guidance
  • Adds
    Navigation and Connectivity

  • Provides
    Visualization Depth of Field, Magnification, and Lighting Options

  • Designed
    For Patient Outcomes and Surgeon Ergonomics

  • Addresses
    Premium Channel and Competitive Advantage for Surgeons

A flexible hardware and software ecosystem for surgical imaging, image guided surgery, augmented reality and diagnostics all integrated with robotic precision

3D Visualization: Using retrospective data 66% fewer Vitrectomy over 754 eyes using “Heads Up” TrueVision® 3D visualization (Weinstock, ASCRS 2011)

TrueVision® 3D
of Eyes
0.35% (1)
1.09% (5)

Precision Surgery for glaucoma and refractive cataract surgeons

  • TrueVision Heads-Up Surgery® is designed for superior ergonomics

  • TrueVision® Smart 3D displays surgical view with guidance overlay

  • Integrates with any surgical microscope

  • TrueGuide®, NGENUITY and IOLcompass software is customized to individual surgeon preferences

  • OR team sees everything the surgeon sees enhancing synergy

  • Easily records and edits 3D surgical video

Optimal Ergonomics Promotes Career Longevity

Oculars tether surgeon to microscope

TrueVision® Heads-up Surgery freedom of movement

  • Surgeon ergonomics is an issue highlighted by the AAO Ergonomics Task Force
  • By age 50, 67% of surgeons suffer injury, 71% by age 55
  • Heads-up surgery allows freedom of movement, while retaining access to oculars at all times
ACES Ergonomic Survey, Jay McDonald, MD in 1995 and 1996.
Human Reliability Analysis of Cataract Surgery, Gauba et al. Arch Ophthalmol. Feb 2008.
The 45 degree tilt: improvement in surgical ergonomics. Wallace RB 3rd. J Cataract Refract Surg. Feb 1999.

In use every day at hundreds of surgery centers around the world

After I did couple of cases, it was seamless. I realized that I had the level of comfort to do intraocular surgery. I was operating from beginning to end heads up fashion within 4-5 cases. The system is truly unbelievable. Simply, a game changer.
– Rob Weinstock MD

To put it short, the image quality really blew us away.
– Ike Ahmed MD

The image quality has come so far that we can really comfortably do this [surgery] The ergonomic benefit could be a potential life saver.
– Steve Vold MD

So I think the greatest advantage of the system now is any surgeon can use the system. Now, I never look through the oculars.
– Jim Katz MD

The detail, the depth of focus, the color correction, the confidence that I have gained using this tool is immense.
– Jon Solomon MD

TrueVision has certainly hit a home run. I did all the cases without looking through the oculars. The optics are really indescribable, you have to see it, to see how far they have come with this technology.
– Jim Schumer MD

Digital Microscope Platform Configurations

We offer the award winning Digital Microscope Platform® that converts your existing microscopes including Zeiss and Leica, into a heads-up surgery system and adds applications capabilities not available in traditional optical Microscopes. TrueScope® a revolutionary robotic digital surgical microscope, replaces the traditional optical microscopes allowing for heads-up surgery with augmented reality applications.

into the microscope
Retrofit medical console
for all surgical microscopes
TrueScope® Robotic
Digital Surgical Microscope