Microsurgery Applications

TrueVision is transforming microsurgery by providing a platform for limitless applications to be developed for more precise outcomes benefitting both patients and surgeons.

Current Analog Technology
The Optical Microscope
TrueVision 3D Digital Technology
Augmented Reality Platform; Heads-Up with Guidance
  • Adds
    Navigation and Connectivity
  • Disrupts
    Visualization Depth of Field, Magnification, and Lighting Options
  • Improves
    Patient Outcomes and Surgeon Ergonomics
  • Increases
    Revenue and Competitive Advantage for Surgeons

Think of TrueVision as surgical cockpit to manage a surgeries workflow and to bring in patient data from virtually any medical; pre-operatively, intra-operatively and post-op. Use the data for generating templates and overlays to assist and augment the surgeon during a procedure. Robotics enhances the precision of procedures and is design to give surgeons and staff confidence in repeating positive outcomes.

Multiple Viewing Modalities in TrueScope®

  • Microscope  (Satellite View)
  • Endoscope  (Street View)
  • Probe-Based  (Other View)
  • OCT/Fluorescence  (Night Vision View)
  • ORA/Centurion/Verion  (Augmented Reality View)

Broad Platform - Multiple Applications by Treatment and Surgeon Preferences

The surgical cockpit for today and tomorrow

TrueVision® enables unlimited digital applications

TrueScope, Fluorescence, and TrueFusion are not cleared devices by FDA and not available for commercial sale.