Digital Microscope Platform

The TrueVision Digital Microscope Platform quickly turns an optical microscope into a powerful digital imaging system designed to improve patient outcomes and promote surgeon comfort. Intended for anterior, posterior, glaucoma or refractive procedures the plug-and-play system can be integrated into an existing suite or included in the creation of a new system.

Available in both Portable Cart or Integrated System configurations the comprehensive platform consists of a multi-faceted visualization system, surgical applications and the ability to integrate and interface with OR data and surgical systems technologies.

Portable 3D Visualization System:

Our Portable System incorporates patented technologies into a small-footprint system, ideal for any size OR or surgery center.
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Integrated 3D Visualization System:

The Integrated 3D Visualization System is seamlessly assimilated into Leica Microsystem's popular 844 and 822 surgical microscopes. The combined best-in-class technologies create a small footprint system, ideal for any size OR or surgery center.
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The heart of the TrueVision Digital Microscope is our award winning visualization system known for its unprecedented image quality that closely mirrors the microscope oculars.

The visualization system is composed of a patented fifth generation image capture module (ICM5 camera), proprietary software and compact processing unit that includes 2- and 3D streaming video.
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  • TruePlan™
    TruePlan collects, stores, and processes variables related to eye surgery to generate a customized surgical plan with targeted refractive outcomes.

  • TrueGuide®
    TrueGuide® is a state of the art, patented guidance technology designed to improve patient outcomes and at the same time allow for more comfortable heads-up surgical procedures. Templates appear on the live surgical field of view to aid surgeons in navigating IOL alignment and centration, LRI incisions, AK and much more.

  • TrueEdit®
    The best in class TrueEdit® 3D video editing software is intended to quickly and easily assist surgeons and staff in compressing and collecting up to 100 hours of recorded procedures.
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Substantial Integration Capability Creates Best in Class Collection

The Digital Microscope Platform is designed with customization in mind. The platform easily integrates into a practice's existing digital equipment and external data systems or helps create a brand new, best-in-class surgery system that integrates with:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • All Leading Surgical Microscopes

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

  • Topographers
  • Aberrometers

  • Phaco Machines

  • Femtosecond Lasers

  • Excimer Lasers
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