Microsurgery Products

Digital Microscope Platform®

TrueVision was founded on the core belief that the future of microsurgery will be digital rather than optical. In creating digital surgical platforms, TrueVision has addressed unmet surgeon needs that can only be achieved through a digital platform rather than optical paradigm.

Our digital surgery platform with applications combines our best in class imaging capabilities with software in ways optical imaging systems like microscopes cannot.

In addition to ophthalmology and neurosurgery TrueVision is catching on in other surgical disciplines most notably dentistry and orthopedics.

Unparalleled ergonomic freedom

Outstanding visualization of the surgical field for the surgeon and entire operating room

We offer the award winning Digital Microscope Platform® that converts your existing microscopes including Zeiss and Leica, into a heads-up surgery system and adds applications capabilities not available in traditional optical Microscopes.

Integration into leading microscopes such as Leica Microsystems and others

Retrofit medical console for all surgical microscopes