Neurosurgery Products

Digital Microscope Platform®

TrueVision was founded on the core belief that the future of microsurgery will be digital rather than optical.  In creating Digital Microscope Platform®, TrueVision has addressed unmet surgeon needs.

The platform combines robotics, precise visualization, integrated patient data and intraoperative connectivity. The digital surgery platform can be integrated into your existing optical microscope or completely replace it.

It combines precise visualization, IGS platforms, integration with other devices, patient data and intraoperative connectivity.


  • All surgical microscopes

  • MRI/CT

  • IGS

Digital visualization

  • Enables Heads-Up Surgery®

  • 3D Visualization

  • 4K Ultra high definition

  • Streaming and Teaching

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

“The Digital Microscope Platform provides me the information I need, where I want it, when I want it, with digital precision.”

The Digital Microscope Platform® is TrueVision’s flagship product for digital surgery. The award winning system converts your existing microscopes, including Zeiss and Leica, to a digital heads-up surgery system with software application capabilities not available in traditional optical microscopes.

One or more 3D Ultra HD displays. Stream high definition 3D or 2D to multiple type and format displays, simultaneously. Plug and Play.

Portable medical console for all surgical microscopes

ICM5 3D Surgical Camera with High Dynamic Range. Optimized camera interface to microscope.

TrueVision integrated into the microscope for Zero additional footprint. Featuring Leica Microsystem OH5, OH6 and OHx microscopes

The Digital Microscope Platform for microsurgery can dramatically improve operating room efficiency

TrueVision performed for a 21-hour case and was a large part of the case’s success. TrueVision gets the entire staff involved and committed to the case because they now see what the surgeon is attempting to accomplish. We just wanted to let you know as part of the team that the patient woke up today with completely normal facial nerve function and is doing well. Great news about the patient outcomes; it makes it all worth while.

- Bernard Bendok, MD,
Northwestern University Department of Neurosurgery

Surgeons, residents and the entire OR staff can view what traditionally only one surgeon could observe through the microscope’s binoculars by viewing a 3D HD widescreen display.

Shared visualization is inherently more efficient, resulting in cases completed with less potential risk to patients...

  • Heads-up display format improves OR ”team synergy”
  • Shared visualization leads to better anticipation of surgeons’ needs
  • Extended stamina and freedom during procedures – not fixed to the microscope
  • Small movements translate well to wide screen leading to deliberate instrument control
  • Multiple window panes for surgical view and patient data
  • Seamlessly integrate image guided surgery data
  • Live image has twice the depth of field over the optics
  • Record and edit 3D video of surgical procedures