Ophthalmology Products

Digital Microscope Platform®

The Digital Microscope Platform is TrueVision’s flagship product for digital surgery. It coverts your microscope from an optical device to a digital one.

The platform enables heads-up surgery with applications that is designed to retrofit or integrate to your existing microscope. It combines precise visualization, integration with other devices, patient data and intraoperative connectivity.


  • All surgical microscopes
  • Aberrometers
  • Topographers
  • OCT


  • Toric alignment
  • Incision intelligence
  • Overlays
  • Low light

Digital visualization

  • Enables Heads-Up Surgery®
  • 3D Visualization
  • 4K Ultra high definition
  • High dynamic range

“The Digital Microscope Platform provides me the information I need, where I want it, when I want it, with digital precision and predictive analytics.”

Digital Surgery Platform with surgical applications combines our digital imaging with software in ways optical imaging microscopes cannot. TrueVision was founded on the core belief that the future of microsurgery is digital rather than optical.

We offer the award winning Digital Microscope Platform® that converts your existing microscopes, including Zeiss and Leica, to a digital heads-up surgery system with software application capabilities not available in traditional optical microscopes.

Option 1
Retrofit to your Leica and Zeiss surgical microscope
Option 2
Choose the portable medical console for all surgical microscopes
Option 3
Ask about TrueVision® integration into leading optical microscopes