TrueVision was founded on the core belief that the future of microsurgery will be digital rather than optical. In creating digital surgical platforms, TrueVision has addressed unmet surgeon needs that can only be achieved through digital rather than optical paradigm.

TrueVision developed the Digital Microscope Platform® and the TrueScope® Digital Surgical Microscope (DSM) that combines robotics, precise visualization, integrated patient data and intraoperative connectivity. These digital surgery platforms can be integrated into your existing optical microscopes or completely replace them.

Unparalleled ergonomic freedom

A flexible hardware and software ecosystem for surgical imaging, image guided surgery, augmented reality and diagnostics all integrated with robotic precision

Outstanding visualization of the surgical field for the surgeon and entire operating room

TrueVision: Transforming Microsurgery

Current Analog Technology
The Optical Microscope
TrueVision 3D Digital Technology
Augmented Reality Platform; Heads-Up with Guidance
  • Adds
    Navigation and Connectivity
  • Enhances
    Visualization Depth of Field, Magnification, and Lighting Options
  • Affects
    Surgeon Ergonomics
  • Increases
    Adoption of advanced technology designed to improve patient outcomes

Digital Advantages

TrueVision® enables unlimited digital applications

TrueScope is not a cleared device by the FDA and not available for commercial sale.