Vitreoretinal Surgery

The Digital Microscope Platform® configured for vitreoretinal procedures combines TrueVision’s patented high-definition surgical camera and intelligent software applications for color, shadow and light balance to enable remarkable low-light, red-free visualization.

Exceptional integration capabilities marry the visualization system with a multitude of diagnostic inputs, as well as top surgical microscopes.


  • 3D heads-up visualization platform

  • Seamless interface with other OR devices

  • Integration of surgical field of view, patient information, and overlays on a single display

  • Exceptional sensitivity to retinal illumination, designed to enable reduced light settings

  • Brilliant color accuracy for enhanced vitreoretinal membrane identification

  • Integration with leading intraocular light pipes

  • Customizable color profiles

  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D surgical view display/stream

Low Light,
Red Free
Retina Surgery

I can use 20% of the normal light intensity and still have the same degree of visualization by digitally enhancing the screen image

Thomas Aaberg Jr., MD
Retina Specialists of Michigan

Optimal Ergonomics Promotes Career Longevity

Oculars tether surgeon to microscope

TrueVision® Heads-up Surgery freedom of movement

  • Surgeon ergonomics is an issue highlighted by the AAO Ergonomics Task Force
  • By age 50, 67% of surgeons suffer injury, 71% by age 55
  • Heads-up surgery allows freedom of movement, while retaining access to oculars at all times
ACES Ergonomic Survey, Jay McDonald, MD in 1995 and 1996.
Human Reliability Analysis of Cataract Surgery, Gauba et al. Arch Ophthalmol. Feb 2008.
The 45 degree tilt: improvement in surgical ergonomics. Wallace RB 3rd. J Cataract Refract Surg. Feb 1999.

Digital Microscope Platform Configurations

We offer the award winning Digital Microscope Platform® that converts your existing microscopes including Zeiss and Leica, into a heads-up surgery system and adds applications capabilities not available in traditional optical Microscopes.
TrueScope® a revolutionary robotic digital surgical microscope, replaces the traditional optical microscopes allowing for heads-up surgery with augmented reality applications.

Retrofit medical console for
all surgical microscopes

Integrated into
the microscope

TrueScope® Robotic
Digital Surgical Microscope

Posterior Segment Testimonials

This is the best thing that happened to Retinal Surgery. Because visualization has lagged behind all the other improvements in technology. Digital visualization and digital platform is going to be more than visualization. Its going also impact our therapies and the way we manipulate the tissue. The easier it is for the surgeon, the better we can do for our patients.
– Alan Ho MD

One of the things that I really liked about this system was the amazingly good view that you were able to achieve with their 3D technology. Depth of field was excellent, the clarity was great; found that I could work with lover illumination power.
– John Kitchens, MD

The UAB Callahan Eye Hospital needs to remain cutting edge and invest in this technology. In my opinion, there are no weaknesses, and only strengths with regards to patient care during vitreoretinal surgery using this new technology.
– John Mason MD

The ability to maintain the depth of field under high magnification and still have relatively wide field of view.
– George Williams MD