Refractive Cataract Toolset®
  • A comprehensive surgical system for astigmatic correction and refractive cataract surgery. Runs on 3D Visualization and Guidance Platform for Microsurgery
    • Pre-operative image registration
    • Intra-operative eye tracking
    • Incision location calculator
    • Surgeon incision preferences and default settings
    • Phaco SIA compensator
    • 3D overlay depth control

3D Visualization and Guidance Platform for Microsurgery:
  • Works with all surgical microscopes
  • Records 3D HD video
  • Connect one or more 3D displays


  • TrueZoom® 3D Surgical Camera
  • Intelligent Image Processing Unit
    • Real-time processing of optical image to digital image
    • Stores over three hours of video
    • Extensible platform for guidance applications
  • Medical grade, portable, ergonomic cart
  • One or more 3D 1080p flat panel displays


  • TrueWare® 3D Imaging OS
    • 3D video recording
    • Multiple 3D window pane interface
    • Integrate any kind of external digital data
  • TrueEdit® Graphical 3D Video Editing Software
    laptop and glasses
    • One-touch video recording of surgical procedures
    • Over 3 hours recording capacity
3D Video streaming
Integrates easily with other operating room devices and 2D video systems.

Broadcast live 3D surgical video from the OR TrueVision® provides real-time, 3DHD visualization for microsurgery by converting the optical image to a digital image, allowing surgeons, residents and the OR staff to view the surgical field of view on “heads-up” 3D flat panel displays.

The system features the ability to digitally stream and broadcast live procedures in 3D from the operating room to remote 3D-equipped conference rooms and theaters for any size audience ... even to your desktop.

TrueVision® understands that “one size fits all” does not meet the varying needs for different institutions. Learn about the different 3D video streaming configurations available to fit your particular need.

TrueVision® enables viewers “near and far” to see surgery as if they were performing it themselves.

We continuously stream live 3D video from the operating room to our conference room across the campus.
This enables course participants and staff to view surgical procedures in high quality 3D that matches exactly what I see through the microscope. There is no doubt the value of 3D video is a significant educational advantage over 2D

- Ali F. Krisht, MD
, Director of Arkansas Neuroscience Institute at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center