Guidance for the Digital Microscope Platform

TrueGuide® is a patented surgical guidance application for cataract and refractive procedures.

Designed to improve patient outcomes and promote surgeon comfort, TrueGuide pairs with intelligent pre-surgical planning software (TruePlan®) to produce customized treatment information and Toric IOL and LRI/AK guidance templates specific to patient parameters; plus precise incision positioning and intraocular lens alignment guidance onto the live surgical field of view.

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“I use TrueGuide, the results of which are so outstanding
TrueGuide is now the standard of care in my practice.”
– Jonathan Solomon, MD
Solomon Eye Physicians & Surgeons
  TrueGuide’s digital guidance technology synchronizes with numerous highly regarded OR technologies, including:


TrueGuide® Features:

  • Precise surgical guidance, markerless system
  • Works with all toric intraocular lens choices
  • Targets lowest residual astigmatism with dynamic
    IOL calculator
  • Accounts for cyclotorsion and surgically induced astigmatism (SIA)
  • Auto-registration of pre-operative image to live surgery
    with robust eye tracking
  • Dynamic Optimization™ – Refine surgical plan any time before or during the procedure
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