TrueVision 3D Surgical's Digital Microscope Platform was designed to improve patient outcomes and promote surgeon comfort through heads-up capability.

Key in the Platform's product suite are surgical applications for astigmatic correction.

TrueGuide®, a patented computer-guidance application, and TruePlan, designed for intelligent surgical planning help leading surgeons achieve targeted refractive outcomes. A collection of the most intriguing surgeon data is provided here. For more data, please contact us.

3D Visualization: Using retrospective data 66% fewer Vitrectomy over 754 eyes using TrueVision Smart 3D

Retrospective Analysis of 3D HD Visualization vs. Conventional Oculars During Routine Cataract Surgery

• Methods:

   • Analyzed consecutive cases from adjacent OR for a single surgeon
   • Routine cataract cases using two methods of visualization

Visualization Method # of Eyes Unplanned Vitrectomy
TrueVision® 3D 293 0.35% (1)
Traditional Oculars 461 1.09% (5)

• Results:

   • Unplanned vitrectomy rate was lower in TrueVision® 3D cases
   • Comparable mean surgical times (8:06 for TVS, 7:53 for oculars)

Source: Abstract Weinstock, ASCRS 2010