TrueVision 3D Surgical's Digital Microscope Platform was designed to improve patient outcomes and promote surgeon comfort through heads-up capability.

Key in the Platform's product suite are surgical applications for astigmatic correction.

TrueGuide®, a patented computer-guidance application, and TruePlan, designed for intelligent surgical planning help leading surgeons achieve targeted refractive outcomes. A collection of the most intriguing surgeon data is provided here. For more data, please contact us.

LRI incision guidance: 87% of 52 eyes were corrected to ≤0.5 D residual cylinder at 6 weeks postop using TrueGuide computer-guidance


  • 4 Investigational sites
  • No device-related complications were observed
  • LRI Arm (n = 52)
    At 6 weeks, 87% of eyes
    achieved residual manifest
    cylinder ≤ 0.5D
  • Capsulorhexis Arm (n = 22)
    100% of eyes achieved
    goal of 6mm or less
    capsulorhexis diameter

Centroid (D) 0.133
Centroid Axis 119.99°
Mean Cylinder (D) 1.11
Standard Deviation (D) 0.42
% Eyes ≤ 0.50 D 2%

Centroid (D) 0.06
Centroid Axis 123.75°
Mean Cylinder (D) 0.34
Standard Deviation (D) 0.30
% Eyes ≤ 0.50 D 87%

Pre-Op Corneal Cylinder (n=52)
6 week Post-Op Manifest Cylinder (n=52)
Each ring = 0.5 D step

Source: Abstract Weinstock, ASCRS 2011