TrueVision 3D Surgical's Digital Microscope Platform was designed to improve patient outcomes and promote surgeon comfort through heads-up capability.

Key in the Platform's product suite are surgical applications for astigmatic correction.

TrueGuide®, a patented computer-guidance application, and TruePlan, designed for intelligent surgical planning help leading surgeons achieve targeted refractive outcomes. A collection of the most intriguing surgeon data is provided here. For more data, please contact us.

Toric IOL alignment: 86% of 14 eyes were corrected to ≤0.5 D residual cylinder at 6 weeks postop using TrueGuide computer-guidance

soloman2013 data analysis courtesy Jonathan Solomon, MD

  • Initial 14 eyes using Alcon/AMO/B&L toric IOLs
  • Cassini Topography and Baylor Nomogram Adjustment
  • TrueGuide surgical guidance algorithm
  • Mean Preop Keratometric Astigmatism 1.65 +/-0.96 D
    – Range 0.54 to 3.34 D
  • Mean Absolute Value Postop Refractive Cylinder 0.39 +/-0.35 D
  • TrueGuide Mean Absolute Value Predicted Error 0.37 +/-0.28 D
  • Mean Axis Identification Error 3.29 +/-0.94 degrees compared to reference image
  • Mean Toric IOL Axis Alignment Error 2.5+/-0.60 degrees compared to intended axis
    – 50% better than published benchmark error (Visser JCRS 2011)
2013 data analysis courtesy Jonathan Solomon, MD