Leading surgeons spontaneously comment about their experience after using TrueVision's Digital Microscope Platform. Here's what they have to say about TrueVision's latest advancement in digital 3D image quality.

TrueVision® has delivered the highest quality digital 3D visualization (including improved Illumination, vibrancy, contrast, clarity, greater detail, edge definition, and red reflex), for a superior heads-up experience in the operating room.

TrueVision creates a relaxed and even enjoyable ergonomic environment with a true immersive experience designed for faster and safer surgical procedures with improved outcomes.

Feel energized after a day of operating using TrueVision's intelligent visualization.

Dr Ahmed operates heads-up up with TrueVision 3D
I was floored by the high quality image of the latest TrueVision platform… We all loved it!! Congratulations to the team! The colours, resolution, image size consistency with scope was great
- Ike Ahmed, MD

Leading surgeons comment on the latest TrueVision visualization improvements. TrueVision has achieved optical parity.

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High definition 3-D visualization should shorten the learning curve for surgical skills transfer. Now, multiple observers - including residents, fellows, and attendings - can all see the operating surgeon's stereo view. Training programs will accumulate incredible teaching video collections for all microsurgical procedures that will have far greater impact than their 2D predecessors. This may be the single biggest advance in teaching anterior segment surgery to residents since the advent of video recording.
- David F. Chang, MD, Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of California, San Francisco
The depth of field is equal to or better than through the oculars and I do not notice any latency between actions in the surgical field to the heads up display I am operating from.
- Douglas Katsev, MD, Ophthalmologist, Sansum Clinic

Emerging 3D HD visualization technology like TrueVision is expected to positively affect patient outcomes across many surgical disciplines. It has a broad and long range impact in ophthalmology.
- Eric D. Donnenfeld, M.D., F.A.A.O., F.A.C.S. and founding partner of Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island
The optometrists were so impressed with the Dr. Katz's use of TrueVision's technology and his presentation.  In addition, every optometrist responded with a YES to contact them for futures referrals.  I have never had a 100% affirmative response to that question!
- Andrea Davidson, RN, The Midwest Center for Sight

The TrueVision 3D HD added a completely new perspective to the presentations. It provided the doctors with a view of the surgical procedure that would not have been otherwise possible unless they were looking through the operating microscope itself.
- John J. O'Donnell, OD

D. James Schumer, MD, laser vision specialist discusses TrueVision

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Richard Lewis, MD, glaucoma specialist shares experience of using TrueVision


In Use

Robert Weinstock, MD
Mark Packer, MD
Ike Ahmed,MD
Steven Charles, MD
Eric Donnenfeld, MD
D. James Schumer, MD
Jason Stahl, MD
Richard Lewis, MD
Steven Vold, MD
James Katz, MD
Clement Tham, MD
David Chang, MD
Sanduk Ruit, MD
Anthony Aldave, MD
Michael Smith-Wheelock, MD
Doug Katsev, MD
Daljit Singh, MD
Glenn Cook, MD
John Hovanesian, MD
Charles Bouchard, MD
Andrew Moshfeghi, MD
Daniel Wang, MD
Elizabeth Henry, MD
Bruce Dragoo, MD
Mark Habekovic, MD
Greg Hazen, MD
Eric Collier, MD
Terry O'Brien, MD
Roger Steinert, MD
Marjan Farid, M D
Sumit Garg, MD
Edward Burney, MD
Ching Chen, MD
Shahzad Mian, MD
Rebecca Metzinger, MD
Timothy Lai, MD
Ming Wang, MD
R. D. Ravindran, MD
Harvey Siy Uy, MD
John Hart,MD
Zhang Ming Zhi, MD
Weiqi Chen, MD
Francesco Montrone, MD
Salim Omar Bahattab, MD
Fatma Akbar, MD
Seenu Hariprasad, MD
Michael Saidel, MD

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