TrueGuide® Computer-Guided Surgery is an intelligent surgical planning and precision surgical guidance tool wrapped into one smart application.

TruePlan® Intelligent Planning

TrueGuide® Precision Guidance

TrueGuide software drives lowest residual astigmatism by providing dynamic incision optimization guidance and IOL alignment templates in surgery.

Toric IOL alignment Incision optimization Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI/AK) Lens centration

Accurate Diagnostics

Integration with all diagnostic devices TruePlan® software suggests treatment and IOL

Advanced Data Flow

Pre-operative and intra-operative software link Wireless transfer of patient data and surgical plan

Dynamic Optimization

Software engine provides real-time calculations Links incision location to IOL positioning Drives lowest residual astigmatism based on all variables

Precision Surgical Guidance

Customized individual surgeon profiles Auto registration and eye tracking

Clinical Outcomes Analysis

Postoperative diagnostics Regression analysis designed to improve surgeon nomogram

TruePlan® Surgical Planning

TruePlan® is a surgical planning application for optimizing corneal incision guidance and IOL positioning during cataract surgery.

TruePlan collects, stores, and processes diagnostic variables to generate a customized surgical plan with a targeted refractive outcome.

  • Works with data from all pre-operative diagnostic devices

  • Access anywhere - anytime

  • Works with all toric intraocular lens choices

  • Customized nomograms - surgeon nomograms refined over time

Pre-Op data from any source, fast and flexible

TruePlan® to TrueGuide® Data Flow

TrueGuide® uses the plan to generate guidance templates incision placement and toric lens alignment during surgery in real-time.

Multiple options available for different types of practice

Dynamic Optimization

Dynamic Optimization enables the real-time incision and toric IOL calculator on the eye during surgery. It drives the targeted residual astigmatism based on all variables

Real-time vector analysis for incision optimization, toric IOL and LRI positioning

Technical Features

TrueGuide® software engine matches patient conditions in real-time to available treatment options specific to surgeon parameters and tendencies.

  • Robust eye tracking even during surgical maneuvers
  • Real-time calculation of predicted residual astigmatism
  • Auto-registration of pre-operative image to live surgery
  • Customized nomograms based upon measured outcomes
  • Precision algorithms for incision placement and lens centration

Touchscreen controls