Ophthalmology Products

TrueScope® Digital Surgical Microscope

TrueScope® is a robotic digital surgical microscope used for Heads-Up Surgery®. It is a revolutionary system replacing the traditional optical microscopes in the operating room. It features the award winning patented TrueVision® 3D visualization with all the advantages of digital and computer based processing. The result is an unprecedented tool for surgeons designed for improved ergonomics and better patient outcomes.

The traditional analog surgical microscope is quickly going the way of dinosaurs much like film has been completely replaced with digital technology. We believe that robotic digital surgical systems will replace the existing standard of care.

Advanced Visualization

  • Hyper-Stereoscopic at High Magnification
  • Varied Surgeon-Controlled Viewing From Multiple Angles and Cameras
  • Varied Light and Heat Levels
  • Varied Color Filters

Enhanced Comfort

Ergonomics for Surgeon

Broad Platform

Multiple Applications by Treatment and Surgeon

Multiple Viewing Modalities in TrueScope®

  • Microscope  (Satellite View)
  • Endoscope  (Street View)
  • Probe-Based  (Other View)
  • OCT/Fluorescence  (Night Vision View)
  • ORA/Centurion/Verion  (Augmented Reality View)
TrueScope and TrueFusion are not cleared devices by the FDA and not available for commercial sale.