3D Visualization and Guidance Platform for Microsurgery:

  • Works with all surgical microscopes
  • Records 3D HD video
  • Connect one or more 3D displays


  • TrueZoom® 3D Surgical Camera
  • Intelligent Image Processing Unit
    • Real-time processing of optical image to digital image
    • Stores over three hours of video
    • Extensible platform for guidance applications
  • Medical grade, portable, ergonomic cart
  • One or more 3D 1080p flat panel displays


  • TrueWare® 3D Imaging OS
    • 3D video recording
    • Multiple 3D window pane interface
    • Integrate any kind of external digital data
  • TrueEdit® Graphical 3D Video Editing Software
    laptop and glasses
    • One-touch video recording of surgical procedures
    • Over 3 hours recording capacity