TrueVision® is 3D HD visualization for microsurgery

The old way
TrueVision® is the new way
'Heads up' 3D view from the microscope

TrueVision® Benefits
Immersive View: Increased depth of field, big screen immersive experience
Team Synergy: Everyone sees what the surgeon sees
Ergonomics: Reduce fatigue, promote career longevity and comfort
Education: Strong 3D value proposition for residency programs and meeting courses

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TrueVision is revolutionizing the way surgeons perform ophthalmic procedures. Their continuum of innovations is driving a movement into high acuity 3D visualization and computer aided digital guidance tools. I am seeing immediate benefits in clinical outcomes and easing the burden of performing complex surgical steps.
- Robert J. Weinstock, MD, Eye Institute of West Florida
Surgeons, residents and OR staff can view what traditionally only one surgeon could observe through the microscope's binoculars.

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Robert J Weinstock, MD shares the early experiences of using TrueVision® and adapting to performing "heads up" surgery

Mark Packer, MD, FACS, CPI comments on the impact of TrueVision® in his OR and he benefits it brings him and his staff.

Richard Lewis, MD, glaucoma specialist shares experience of using TrueVision

Shared visualization is inherently more efficient, with the goal of reducing potential risks to patients.

Typical operating room panorama for using TrueVision® during surgery